Third article collection

  Third article collection (1/7) Introduction. This is not a scripture of Praise. (Even though I admit that the legitimate dwellers of the Divine have praiseworthy qualities.) It is an information of some of the structures of God. Particularly the existence of the guardians of the threshold, a group who app. 5 thousand years ago made an error of judgment and let a group of virtue-hiders enter into the Divine realms as ‘one with God’. I name this group according to my understanding of them: “The evil who lies about their names”, but they were long know by the name “The one who changes names”. From the time of the horrendous error of judgment the evil virtue hiders began began using the Divine power, and our globe – the Earth – is still (2021 CE) under control of one of them: Our great problems are really not a question of an immature mankind, but a consequence of evil-doers in the Heavenly realms, who pretend to be as loving as they are able to present themselves acting

First article collection

Jacob D. Petersen, first article collection 1/7. Translated from Esperanto. The foundation of the spiritual science. The science of the spiritual is based on three rules: Think for yourself! It is of the utmost importance that you understand that which you allow yourself to acknowledge as T ruth. - The understanding is the measure by which we accept or reject any (new) idea. Learn logic! Clearly it would be naïve to think of God as both omnipotent, omniscient and all loving: Understanding the extent of suffering mankind is passing through, a both loving and mighty force would help us out. We do not need all to think exactly alike: Take the ideas you can use and leave the rest behind in peace. As an amendment of these three, I hereby add a fourth rule, which I deem valuable for our situation: 4) Humble yourself or wise yourself up, enough to realize that you can learn from others even if they (we) at one point are definitely wrong. Firs