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This is not a scripture of Praise. (Even though I admit that the legitimate dwellers of the Divine have praiseworthy qualities.) It is an information of some of the structures of God. Particularly the existence of the guardians of the threshold, a group who app. 5 thousand years ago made an error of judgment and let a group of virtue-hiders enter into the Divine realms as ‘one with God’. I name this group according to my understanding of them: “The evil who lies about their names”, but they were long know by the name “The one who changes names”. From the time of the horrendous error of judgment the evil virtue hiders began began using the Divine power, and our globe – the Earth – is still (2021 CE) under control of one of them: Our great problems are really not a question of an immature mankind, but a consequence of evil-doers in the Heavenly realms, who pretend to be as loving as they are able to present themselves acting!

When you don’t mentally and soul-wise negate and deny the existence and influence of the evil-doers (as are most of the nearest Divine realm dwellers and many teachers among mankind ( I suppose out of ignorance)) you are in the state I have named ‘the battlefield’. On the battlefield we fight against evil subconscious commands charged by ‘impure’ intuition: The abuse of Divine intuition-energy is really the greatest reason of the existence of the tendency of mankind to sin!

God as an ideal is perfect, but as a group of highly virtuous, ‘he’ is infiltrated by evil!

Third article collection (2/7)

What is God? -Some definitions.

Super macro being as explained by Martinus.

Name (or egregor) sending a message to, or calling a member of those who have convinced the guardians of the threshold of their soul-wise perfection/purity (entered God).

Ideal – The perfectly loving all virtuous creator (according to those who believe in the perfection of the guardians of the threshold)

Soul – The force behind matter. The eternal

The group of God-like beings (who help each other – or aught to).

Inspiration source of the authors of the Holy scriptures.

The only force in existence (according to the Divine self defense)

Third article collection (3/7)

Some terms.

The Divine realms are a group of places, some physically manifested, some invisible mental constructs, where seemingly if not actually the love of the neighbor is ruling. Therefore not everyone is allowed to enter them (first you have to prove yourself loving enough). The ‘gate’ is controlled by the guardians of the threshold (also known as Cherubs), and only those who are sufficiently virtuous, by their judgment, are allowed in and given authority over and control of worlds like our, where it seems that the inhabitants have not yet learned the love of the neighbor and (at least seemingly) don’t posses the virtues necessary to become one with God.

The world ruler is in charge of one or more worlds, and he/she arranges the experiences of the ‘younger’ brothers and sisters, experiences who are meant to lovingly teach mankind. He/she is in charge of electing who receives answers to their prayers, and how.

Many worlds are functioning by (or at least – by the seemingly virtuous world ruler - claimed to be functioning by) the law of karma. By this law, one receive experiences somewhat similar to the experiences one caused others to have. (That is reaping as you sow.) For historic reasons, and in order to have order and justice in the happenings, there is a great archive known as ‘the acashic archives’. These records are highly holy, and are claimed to hold every and all of incidents and thoughts. The idea that the acashic archives may be incomplete – some important parts burnt away – is not to my knowledge yet commonly known among the Divine dwellers.

Third article collection (4/7)

What is God? -Philosophy.

We do not quite agree on the meaning of the word (God). As no two lives are quite alike what comes to experiences, our ideas and conclusions differ from one another. Reading that we are in God, comes the possibility of larger or macro beings within even greater beings. From this thought it isn’t long to the conclusion of Martinus, that the Earth-globe is alive. Somehow we seem to be ‘within’ our globe. Some naturally think of a larger being when they hear the word. I suppose that this idea already stretches the mind of some readers. This however is only the beginning. Especially if you are an atheist it requires much mental flexibility. Someone who have not opened up the mind to the possibility of miracle healing, will certainly find the explanations challenging. The ‘definitions’ I present for you are – even though in harmony with Truth as best I know how to write them – not necessarily meant to be believed by everyone. We do not need to think exactly alike. But the Truth is Truth! I describe it as crudely as I can. I began by some definitions of ‘God’ to establish a foundation for the descriptions, but if you already feel as an advanced learner I invite you to skip the rest of this article and read the more news-packed following articles.

When the honest pure person utters a sound, a word under normal circumstances this sound reverberates through the entire organism (created in the image of God * ) and in the surroundings. Like the name of a person can attract her/him other sounds can attract other forces of the galaxy, because the internal universe is in harmony with the outside world (As the smaller so the greater * )

This effect is functioning for all who are capable of emitting sounds with meaning (and maybe even for the animals). In this sense a name is called an ‘egregor’. When you say (aloud) a name of someone, this act strengthens the one who ‘owns’ the egregor internally. ‘God’ is also an egregor. And so are the names of the demons! I strongly recommend you not to curse!

About ‘God’: This name connects you to a member of the group who convinced the guardians of the threshold of their virtues (became one with God). Obviously “The evil who lies about their names” (I thus name the demons) should not be allowed to enter the Divine realms, but…

Many persons link the word ‘God’ to perfection, the ideal of virtue, but this opposes the logic of having all-might, being all-knowing and loving, and allowing suffering – our situation – should not happen! Deep thought about the egregor gives an explanation though: The words ‘all mighty’ and ‘all loving’ was a thought form to attain harmony with the external forces, and thus rectify some of the crimes of “The evil who lies about their names” by healing the suffering around Jesus or another christian.

Third article collection (5/7)

The error of judgment of the guardians of the threshold.

Four or five thousand years ago (according to my sources which are not confirmed), the guardians of the threshold, probably after prolonged contact, let a group of virtue-hiders enter the Divine realms. Their arguments for hiding their virtues were lies! They actually were and are evil master actors who perfectly master pretending to be loving. The criminals became world rulers of many worlds – our earth among them – and strengthened among the Divine realm dwellers the thought form: “The evil does not exist!” (A thought form they use as self-defense.) This thought help them not to attract demons in the Divine realms where the words immediately manifest, but it severely cripples thought if accepted as explanation. For long it was so!

The Divine realm dwellers were certain that ‘God is all and good’. They didn’t know the possibility of lies among them, and so they blindly trusted the lying explanations about the situation in the ‘captured’ worlds, where saints are tortured as much as at all possible without this becoming obvious: The lie that evil – also as an explanation – doesn’t exist helped the criminals to stay hidden.

Third article collection (6/7)

What is happening here?

Crime rampant! Divine forces used to help criminals understand and to amuse them! As well as to make captured saints sin! The ‘sins’ used to cause more unjust suffering to the saints by ‘karma’!

The whole affair blatantly lied about for the naive and understanding-wise arrogant (but friendly) Divine realm dwellers.

Mankind deliberately held in ignorance.

Translator angels long forbidden to be honest!

Battle angels forced to fight for evil causes – and forbidden to report!

Akashic archives systematically burned!

Third article collection (7/7)

To arms against evil!

Our situation is that the Divine realms are infiltrated by evil virtue hiders. They are abusing the Divine forces, and we have our partial liberty only because they need to stay hidden among the true Godly beings, to whom they explain the situation somewhat like they did to Martinus (1890-1981).

We are receiving so few miracles because the virtue hiders don’t love us, and want our thought to focus on matter. Logically, with our experience of suffering, it is easy to refute the dogmas of all-might, all-knowledge and all-love. Instead of helping each other, the divided mankind are forced to work in order to pay rent and buy food. But many only feel blessed when they buy objects which they don’t really need. The evil blessing is also given if we lie. (that’s why sarcasm is so funny)

In response to the question: ‘How to fight the evil?’ I answer: Become saintly! Become wise! Study! Meditate! Speak Truth! Learn Esperanto! And use Esperanto in your internal dialogue! Stop swearing! Eat healthily! Avoid stimulants! Love nature! Form a relationship with nature! Be kind! Learn to distinguish between “The evil who lies about their names” and the names used. Know yourself! Reach contact with your internal child! Live as did the great saints! Read: Peter Ragnar, Vladimir megré, Torkil Olesen, Carlos Castaneda, Mary Baker Eddy, Martinus.

Find your blessings: Ching Hai helped me a lot, maybe she can also help you!

Our culture need to understand the difference between happiness and entertainment. Using technology a lot amuses, but rarely brings real happiness like does contact with nature!

Think deeply about how to use your time and energy!


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