First article collection

Jacob D. Petersen, first article collection 1/7. Translated from Esperanto.

The foundation of the spiritual science.

The science of the spiritual is based on three rules:

  1. Think for yourself! It is of the utmost importance that you understand that which you allow yourself to acknowledge as Truth. -The understanding is the measure by which we accept or reject any (new) idea.

  2. Learn logic! Clearly it would be naïve to think of God as both omnipotent, omniscient and all loving: Understanding the extent of suffering mankind is passing through, a both loving and mighty force would help us out.

  3. We do not need all to think exactly alike: Take the ideas you can use and leave the rest behind in peace.

As an amendment of these three, I hereby add a fourth rule, which I deem valuable for our situation:

4) Humble yourself or wise yourself up, enough to realize that you can learn from others even if they (we) at one point are definitely wrong.

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Does the devil exist?

Among the sages we find some who believe and argue that the devil doesn’t exist! (I am thinking in particular of Martinus and Mary Baker Eddy.) As I understand their manner of thinking mirrors the ordinary way of thinking in the largest part of the immediate divine realms: It is a way of practising spiritual self-defence! -In their world the beings immediately contact or attract the energy (spirit) of any word or name they think of, say or call, and therefore it is very important not to swear or think of unpleasant subjects (such as accidents, diseases or death). The solution of negation may – if you are as holy as Jesus (or at least very saintly) – become manifested in your immediate proximity, but it doesn’t in depth explain our situation: So extreme a lack of contact with the true divine, to make many good honest idealistic thinking persons profess atheism!

I am in no way contesting the importance of pure speech and thought (without profanities), and I realize that my explanations demand a certain mental flexibility: In order to do what has here been done, almost all holy names have been abused! In consequence I name our ’opponent’: ”The wicked who lies about ’his’ name”.(It is a common name (or tag) for all the evil ’ones’ who think in the same manner as the ’being’ who was at the time of Jesus known as ”Satan”.)

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The situation on planet Earth (S.C.)

Our city culture is the product of a terrible battle between the good and the evil (or wicked)! A great part of the kind and virtuous inhabitants are suffering! This suffering is a ’victory’ for the wicked, which is why I name the battle terrible: Many are ’beaten’ mentally occupied by problems instead of radiating happiness.

By these words – informing the seekers of mankind – I accuse the group “The wicked who lies about his name” of using large scale hipnotism – subconscious commands charged with intuition-energy (hipnosis without an incarnate hipnotist) which only the ‘voice-hearers’ among us are conscious of – to make the frightened earth-people swear (and thus call even more dark ‘angels’), lie (e.g. by exaggerating) and in many other ways break the law of Love – and these ‘crimes’ (which the poor frightened earthlings would never commit if not under subconscious orders or prohibitions) are used by “The wicked who lies about his name” before the divine worlds as proof that the poor earth dwellers deserve even more suffering, pretending it all be a loving teaching.

This lie has in it a fraction of truth. Actually after terrible suffering wisdom is accumulated. But only a masochist would freely choose this way of learning!

This is “his” great crime: Breaking the natural bond to God of the earthlings, spreading hate and distrust among us, occupying the globe stealing the energy of God by subconscious control, and in this manner capture and torture mankind, all the while pretending before the (divine) source of Justice that it is all a loving instruction of wisdom! But an instruction which begins with a break down is not loving!

Let me describe in more detail: Our city culture is booming with subconscious prohibitions and orders: All the blessing movements (whether religious, political, idealistic or philanthropic) which would help mankind greatly if acknowledged and applied – are strongly forbidden subconsciously and understanding even one (here by understanding I mean ‘changing behavior after’ – beginning and continuing to follow the blessing new way of life) requires a mental fight. If a mental war is not a more fitting term.

Please consider this theoretically very easily understandable example: Organic foodstuff! It is widely known, at least in the parts of Europe where I have traveled most, that the organic foodstuff is of a better, higher quality than the traditionally cultivated products.

The arguments for choosing them are these:

  1. Organic foods don’t contain traces of the poisons used in traditional farming. So they are purer, and therefore the body of the organic eater doesn’t have the work task of protecting the internal organs, and cleaning itself: By choosing organic produce you become healthier!

  2. Organic farming protects nature. Our deep wells – our sources of water – many of them are closed down. The water has so much poison in it that it would be dangerous to drink!

  3. If you eat meat, dairy or eggs: Animals in the organic industry have more space, and better conditions in general. They do not suffer as much as the ‘others’.

(There are more arguments for choosing organic food, but for the argument of this article these three suffice.)

Now it is my postulate that these three arguments are the blessing truth for mankind, and therefore heavily subconsciously forbidden. Try, for this sake to read through them thrice. (At first notice how the thought makes you feel.)

The first time a text is read it has value of amusement, but understanding the consequences of this part of the Truth – that it is necessary to choose, even if more expensive, the blessing for your health and nature, choosing that the thought that you are doing the right thing, is more valuable than the money you would save if you polluted yourself and nature. Understanding that this is important and worth changing behavior by, this is the mental battle (or war) I was writing about.

Did you read through the arguments three times?

Are you able to not reject the thought immediately?

When you win a mental fight (war) of blessing Truth, the subconscious commands change: You are forced to be proud, forced to believe that you have the solution to the problems of mankind, and everybody else now must change according to the battle (movement) you ‘won’(now understand).

Search yourself: Are you not to some extent arrogant or proud that you have found/thought out the Truth? Do you not at all feel that the others need to change, but you are sufficiently educated/pious/good?

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The deceiving explanations

(Why God (the good) doesn’t intervene)

The perceptions of the sons and daughters of God are not all alike! The five ordinary senses of the Earth-inhabitants are not understood by all, and our evil world ruler is misusing the ignorance of the beings of pure intentions who come here to control whether everything is in order around here.

The ‘inspectors’ are generally unaware of subconsciously perceived commands, and don’t know about objects who can fall to the ground, and require us to bend down to pick them up, or about shoes who may need to be (re-)laced (another reason to bend down), and I even communicated with some, who didn’t know that it is possible to hear and see simultaneously. In consequence they are easily deceived:

Trusting the evil world order they accept that they do not need / are not allowed to talk directly with the child of God in question and come ‘seeing’ or perceiving the energy of the person (but do not share the five senses of her/him) just as he/she has decided to lace his/her shoes (or pick up something). The wicked world ruler pretends to be ‘ruling’ the daughter or son of God, and subconsciously (but audible to the ‘controller’) orders: “Bend down!” -The person in question doesn’t suspect that other and more is happening than shoes to be laced, and unsuspectingly bends down to lace the shoes.

The naïve controller (who doesn’t at all suspect that the world ruler may be an evil liar) confirms that the daughter/son of God bent by order of the ruler (without suspecting that it was a subconscious order) and so believing that the person adores and is helped by the (evil) world ruler, reports that “here everything is in order.”

Likewise itches (which are easily provoked by the ‘bad guys’) are misused as signs of submission to ‘higher standing’ subconsciously perceived ‘controllers’.

And in the rare case that the controllers stumble upon a ‘voice hearer’ able to resist the wicked order, the world ruler simply assures that they are ordered to forget all about the episode! (They are not suspecting evil among God.)

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Flow of inspiration

The inspired words which are written in our ‘battlefield’/world (and I suppose everywhere “The wicked who lies about their name” (who lying named themselves ‘The one who changes names’) have any influence) are normally somewhat impure. This impurity has as its main cause the fact that the divine realms are infiltrated by the group which I have named: “The wicked who lies about his/their name”, and are possible because the manifestation of the writings have these three characteristics:

  1. The inspired, holy words, when not intelligently thought through and thoroughly selected comes to the writer by a mild flow of intuition. A flow which can normally be taken and continued by other more eager angels or divine realm dwellers: In our spiritual proximity it is completely normal that members of the divine formulate and/or finishes messages for one another. Without controlling who ‘took over’ the flow. Because:

  2. In general both the divine realm dweller (or their message-angels) and the inspired writer him-/her-self is (or was) extremely confident of the purity of their God – their inspiration: Certain that no evil force could mislead them, make them say/write untruths. (See S&H p.501)

  3. Most frequently the authors didn’t understand their own writings well enough to correct them.

In our world, I believe, when a profet receives a message from above, this message is countered by subconscious orders not to think of it or ponder it, with more power of fear the higher it is, and so effectively the intellect of most of us is paralyzed. This is why we still have many citizens who do not think freely – especially about the truth of our situation.

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Inspired words

The holy scriptures are charged with intuition: They allow the reader to ‘pull down’ high inspiration from above. It is, in reading, important to understand that one interpretation doesn’t necessarily cancel out another: See how Mary Baker Eddy has a highly differing exposition of the first part of Genesis from the one of Martinus!

But they both acknowledge the spiritual science as the Comforter! (Science and Health 55:27 – The intellectualized Christianity chapter 6)

Therefore I recommend: Search to see if an interpretation is in harmony with neighborly love, instead of trying if it conforms to a trusted manner of thought.

As I understand it the same quotes may be used to explain completely different truths (or messages), but it would be abuse if the conclusions were out of harmony with the love of the neighbor.

It is, by me, a serious misunderstanding, a dire lack of tolerance, insisting that only one interpretation is correct or valuable. The victory over the subconscious commands at this point is paramount! If you do not win here, you might judge a neighbor as unworthy to receive your help, and by not helping others one sows bad karma...

First article collection 7/7

How to react...

If “The wicked who lies about his name” were ruling supremely, we would all be depressed, alcoholic, thieving, unruly, swearing, lying, hateful smokers who, if we drank beverages without alcohol, only chose those having caffeine, sweeteners or both. We would never meditate or practice any physical exercise, never study and we definitely wouldn’t ever recommend sources of inspiration to one another!

It isn’t so! I heartily recommend: Vladimir Megré, Martinus, Mary Baker Eddy, Torkil Olesen, Carlos Castaneda, Ching Hai and Zamenhoff. These are my major sources of inspiration, but I also warmly recommend: Peter Ragnar, Musashi, Anthony William, Foster Gamble, Paramahansa Yogananda, James Redfield and Cobra – and also Lars Muhl seems worthy of reading. If these seems as too large ‘steps’, I suggest starting with Hans Rosling: Factfullness, or perhaps the works on the placebo effect by Joe Dispenza.

These names are holy! Their words hold much of the blessing truth for mankind. Like the holy writ of the religions, they can make the student in harmony with them blissful. To find the sources of inspiration with which one is in harmony makes a great difference for the truth seeker. Somewhat akin to finding a suitable loving spouse or lover for the ordinary people. Do you have enough ‘lovers’?

As well as strengthening your victories in terms of manner of life, the holy inspiration sources help you uncover valuable mannerisms or words of wisdom, which you can assimilate in your own pace. This collection of articles for example may inspire you on the path of mastery of the life of the earth dwelling truth seeker: Finding equilibrium between: Studying, training, working and meditating. (and this while learning how much time you need to rest, play, go to the toilet, cook/eat and sleep.) In the beginning studying is most important! Obviously because: What kind of training do you prefer? Which are your disciplines? What do you want to do for work? What to/how to eat? To which branch of meditation are you attracted? Are you content with your society? Do you want to live somehow other than ordinary in the place where you were born? These important questions require studying. Of the possibilities, and of yourself. Later on it becomes more to practice your chosen disciplines. Growing in strength and understanding of how much you can demand of yourself. With other words: “Walking your path.”

Ahh – walking your path! Having enough holy, wise instructions to know without doubt what to do, how to think, how to react to problems: How to live! Oh – what a joy! Yes, I promise you: When you have found your path, life becomes a joyous experience! The joy raises a question: What to do with your joy? Please let your joy radiate to the ones around you, without forcing them to immediately think as you do yourself: Respectfully pay attention, become a good listener (of the friendly and sober), bless your surroundings dispersing happiness (as best you can). A single honest and truthful smile can do more than lots of attention without joyous contact to loving feelings.

Yes – this is my advise: Come closer to Truth! By learning how to joke without deceiving or disrespecting. By: Abnegation! Honesty! Humility! - Two last pieces of advise before I let you continue: Know that it is a great responsibility using money! Especially when you have more than badly necessary. Many banks of our time have no ‘conscience’. Don’t partake in their crimes! Change to a responsible bank immediately! And finally I would have you pray (if you do): Let us have a just and loving world order! (this may be added to any other (preferably regular) prayer of yours. Apart from that, please assimilate the words of wisdom at your own pace.


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